Exploring the Evolving Topic of Cannabis Use in Our State

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The Exploring the Evolving Topic of Cannabis Use in Our State was very informative and successful. 

We humbly thank our Featured Speakers:

  • Dr. Martin Gonzales, Medical Director for Jail Diversion & Transition Services through UNMH Community Based Services will provide information on the effects of Cannabis on a variety of psychiatric conditions. 
  • Mr. Emil Affsa & Jayne Cavanaugh, Treatment Assessment Services for the Courts Program (TASC) Coordinators from NJ Courts will discuss whether cannabis use disorder can be diagnosed in the presence of medicinal and recreational cannabis use, provide an overview of medical and psychological conditions for which different states allow the use of medicinal cannabis, and the impact on body/brain and recovery, legal or not.
  • Dominick Zurlo, DOH Medical Cannabis Department will present Medical Cannabis in New Mexico and how it is Changing with Adult Use Legalization.

We also wish to thank our attendees for their questions in the Q&A sessions.

The conversation continues through the Whova platform through February 5, 2023!

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