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Recovery Café

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Recovery Café Las Vegas

2100 7th Street, Las Vegas, NM 87701

Office Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday
8am – 3:30pm
Friday: 8am to 12noon

For More Information
Phone: (505) 447-6396


Recovery Café continues to strive for the best quality services for the community, with too many to list here. Come in or call for an appointment with our peer support team for an assessment to help with your recovery journey.


The Recovery Café is a Membership Model

Why is Membership so important? Because loving accountability is a core part of recovery. Accountability is a new concept to some. Many members have never had the benefit of relationships that expected or believed good was possible for them. Loving accountability is being held to one’s best self; being held to who we say we want to be, and to become this is the heart of what distinguishes the Recovery Café Model from a drop-in center. Helping everyone involved internalize the membership requirements is an ongoing and essential process.

Three Membership Agreements

Creates the structure that holds our community

  1. Be drug-and-alcohol-free while in the community space/Café space
  2. Participate in a weekly Recovery Circle
  3. Contribute to the Café community

The Guiding Principles

  1. Help create a community where all are safe and valued
  2. Connect with divine Love in ourselves and others
  3. Show respect
  4. Cultivate Compassion
  5. Practice Forgiveness
  6. Encourage Growth
  7. Give Back


Peer Support Services

  • One-on-One Peer Support
  • Food, Hygiene, and Clothing Distribution
  • Shower Voucher Distribution
  • Narcan Distribution
  • Computer & Internet Access
  • Mail Pick Up

Community Outreach

  • Public Library
  • Samaritan House
  • Soup Kitchens
  • Street Outreach

Group Services

  • Acupuncture Detox Group
  • Recovery School
  • Recovery Circles

Local Referrals for

  • Alcohol/Substance Use Treatment (Inpatient and Outpatient)
  • Mental Health Treatment
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • 12-Step Programs
  • Housing Support
  • Job Search Assistance
  • GED/Educational Programs


Recovery Café Las Vegas envisions a community that promotes freedom from substance use disorder by mobilizing individuals and community resources to overcome stigma, provide access to services, and support individual, family, and community recovery.

Una Vida Buena y Sana – A Good and Healthful Life”


Our mission is dedicated to promoting a recovery-friendly community through network development of supports, opportunities, access to services, education, and information. We are committed to reducing the barriers created by stigma and replacing it with hope and wellbeing

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