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Recovery Resources

Alcoholism and drug addiction can affect many areas of your life. Recovery can be complicated by problems with employment, legal issues, mental health challenges, family difficulties, and many other difficulties. This page describes some resources that are available to help recovering people in the northern New Mexico communities served by Rio Grande ATP, Inc.

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Recovery-Friendly Taos County

Recovery-Friendly Taos County (RFTC) was formed in 2012 in accordance with a larger national and statewide effort to create Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC). It was a challenge that required ongoing collaboration and cooperation between consumers and families, community leaders, advocates, and a range of professionals from healthcare, social service, and criminal justice organizations. 

Supporting The Path You Choose! Work Is Recovery!
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Videos for Recovery

Videos For Recovery

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Emotional Healing Lecture Series

The Emotional Healing Lecture Series is focused on providing the Essentials for Healing and Connections in Recovery with Emotional Health. This series is hosted by Rio Grande ATP, Inc.

Community Violence, Grief & Trauma and Self-Care in Tough Times

with Gilbert R. Valdez, M.A., LPCC, Mental Health First Responder

Taming Shame on the Road to Self-Compassion in Emotional Sobriety

with Patti Ashley, PhD, LPC from Authenticity Architects

Emotional Sobriety in the Midst of Challenging Times Through the Grief Process

with Dr. Ted Wiard , Ed.D, LPCC, CGC from Golden Willow Counseling

Finding Your True Self: Finding Serenity within Recovery

with Dr. Ted Wiard , Ed.D, LPCC, CGC from Golden Willow Counseling

Grief: The Natural Healing Process from Loss

with Dr. Ted Wiard Ed.D, LPCC, CGC (Certified Grief Counselor)

Relationships: Recovering from the Pain of Codependency

with Teresa Flanagan, MA, LPCC

Healing Trauma: Beyond Symptom Control

with Terry L Barsano LPCC NCC – Clinical Director, Valle del Sol of New Mexico

After Sobriety…What? – Healing Below The Surface

with Dr. Sherry Young

Staying Connected: The Use of Relationship and Reflective Capacity Addressing the Impacts of Trauma

with Rachel Cox, LCSW – Clinical Director, CAV

Spirituality Within Recovery

with Dr. Ted Wiard , Ed.D, LPCC, CGC from Golden Willow Counseling

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