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Your Anxiety, Guilt, and Shame Make Sense

Rio Grande ATP presents Emotional Health: The Essentials for Healing and Connections in Recovery part of the Emotional Healing Lecture Series


Your Anxiety, Guilt, & Shame Make Sense

with Alana C Smith, LCSW, LCDC


Feeling feelings isn’t as scary or unnecessary as we might think. So much of our ability to heal into the best versions of ourselves is rooted in understanding and learning how to experience emotions. Learn how to make sense of Anxiety, Shame & Guilt, allowing healing into a life of more vitality and authentic connection.


Alana C. Smith, LCSW, LCDC is a graduate of the University of Houston, Graduate College of Social Work (2004). She is clinically trained in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), Coherence Therapy, and is currently a Postgraduate Fellow of the Center for Family Consultation. Alana has managed treatment center staff and developed treatment and family treatment programs across the country. Her passion is to bring a Deliberate Practice approach to the treatment of addiction and  families impacted by addiction by utilizing the science of human relationships and emotions. Alana facilitates virtual seminars on addiction, family healing, and emotion wellness. She lives in San Diego, CA.

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The Emotional Healing Lecture Series is focused on providing the Essentials for Healing and Connections in Recovery with Emotional Health. This series is hosted by Rio Grande ATP, Inc. 

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